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21 Feb 12 Electric Vehicles (EVs)

electric vehicleWe’ve been watching the progress of the electric vehicle (EV) market for some time. It seems to be the way that cars and light vehicles are going to be produced (hydrogen fuel cells showed promise, but development seems to have *ahem* stalled, except for large vehicles – or home power).

It was with great interest then that whilst sitting in London this morning to note that BBC News was playing a story about government grants to buy EVs. Specifically vans or light trucks. They’re offering to pay 20% of the cost of the EV, the same as they have with other EV automobiles – a move that’s not unique to the UK, as national and state governments subsidize EVs to try and spur their uptake by the public.

The story specifically mentions EV vans and there was that little alarm bell inside my head as I remembered I own and and and in total 54 EV-related .coms. Recently, a breakthrough point seems to have been reached with EVs where they’re becoming practical and affordable – certainly as city cars – and major manufacturers are starting to churn them out. In a world where cities are legally compelled to reduce road pollution, EVs have a safe future.

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