Available Domain Names, Dropped Within The Last 24 Hours

29 Jan 12 Just Dropped, January 28th/January 29th 2012

We'll swap your country for these beads and some firewaterJanuary 28th/29th 2012: Just Dropped Well, after sufferring from for a while, we’re back!

These names all dropped in the last 24 hours and are valued at $500 or more on Estibot. The list was sent to our subscribers about an hour after the drop itself, we’re publishing it here 16 hours later. Anyway, we produce a similar list every day. If you’d like the list delivered to your inbox before they’re published here, sign up to our free mailing list.

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27 Jan 12 Feedback

Although we haven’t been publishing much recently, we do receive the odd message of thanks and support. Not necessarily like this one:

Subject:  – your dumb website

Message: Can I ask why you would want to \”tell\” people about domains? You dumbass. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it’s not as good as “Thanks very much!” but if it’s annoying someone so much that we’re providing these names for free (as opposed to against competitors who charge) then we must be doing a good job. For another (free) service in a similar vein (although not necessarily recently dropped), check out Bill Eisenmann’s Avalable Domain Names. Lots of nice stuff to hand reg there too.